Dance / EDM in worship - is it ok?

Dance / EDM in worship - is it ok?

What really interests me is the role of music in worship and the different styles of music. Over the years that we've had and in the Bible, I guess the really big verse is John 4:23, where it talks about us worshipping in spirit and in truth. And really I guess with the style of music, the music is just a tool to help us, come into this place of worship, isn't it, with Jesus. So it's all about Jesus, the music secondary. So I think there's definitely a place for dance EDM style music in worship.

You know, we've seen it with Andy Hunter, Transform and World Wide Message Tribe in the UK and these days we've got like Jesus Loves Electro and all the other guys in Europe and America, South America. I see all you guys. I love what you're doing. You can see that God's touching people through what you’re doing in your praise sessions. As long as were not doing it just because we love dance music and EDM, and it's because we want to see people dancing and enjoying being in God's presence together and giving our bodies in dance, and we're doing it the right way with the right heart behind it I think it's fine.

It works really well in evangelistic scenarios as well because it's exciting. I'm a youth leader, so sometimes it's hard to get like youth into the zone dancing. Well, dance music, EDM, that's what it's for, isn't it? So it kind of facilitates that.

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